Don’t ignore drizzling drips or trickling toilets.
Small drips can waste over thirty litres of water a day, and a continuously running toilet can waste more than 900 litres of water daily. If you ignore them, you’ll pay for it when your water bill arrives.


Believe in your bathroom.
Small bathrooms may seem like a challenge when it comes to creating that perfect design and fitting in all your essentials. However, there is always something to suit. For example, using glass for shower doors would give the room a more open feel and using wall-mounted towel rails would save more space as opposed to free-standing ones.


Remember, switch to save!
Switch it off at the wall when your appliances and devices aren’t in use. Don’t just leave it on standby: it may be easier but it’s also a guaranteed way to waste energy compared to turning things off at the socket.


Defeat dreadful drains…
Next time your drain is clearing slowly, don’t buy expensive, chemical drain cleaners. Manually unclog a drain with a drain snake. Just insert into the drain and pull back out with (hopefully) the clog culprit attached. If you don’t have or don’t want to hassle with one, try using a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck out the clog.


Helpful Heating!
Electric heaters may seem very helpful and convenient but they are one of the most expensive forms of heating. Generally, the cheapest way is using an efficient gas central heating system, with a full set of thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat and a timer.


Revive your Roof!
It’s recommended that you clean your roof at least twice per year. Make sure you look out for sagging gutters or damaged drain components and repair or replace as needed. Ventilation is also key as heat, moisture and many other factors can cause roof materials to rot, which of course defeats the object of keeping a roof over your head!


Make your tiles twinkle!
If soap scum or water spots have dulled the ceramic tiles around your sink or bath, bring back the brightness by scrubbing them with 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup ammonia, and 1/4 cup borax mixed in 4 litres of warm water. Rinse well with cool water and let air-dry.

Data Cabling and IT

Cut down on your cables.
Be careful not to overload a cable tray. Too many cables in a suspended tray could be too heavy and cause this to fall or even break. Cables at the bottom of the tray can also potentially be crushed by the weight of other cables on top. Avoiding this would decrease the chance of damaged cables.

Boiler and Gas

Ensure your boiler is the best!
Getting your boiler serviced annually will keep it running in tip-top condition. A skilled Gas Safe engineer will be able to make adjustments to the running of the boiler to ensure that it is not only running safely but also efficiently. The engineer will check that the main components of the boiler are working.

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